No-Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the quintessential Halloween decoration. But let’s be honest – carving a pumpkin is NOT an easy task, especially with a child. It’s pretty much impossible for a them to participate in the carving, and when we have to do it, it usually ends up like this:



So throw out your flimsy dollar store carve set, forgo the pumpkin gut clean up, and try some of these AWESOME no-carve pumpkin ideas!!

  1. Chalkboard chalk is awesome. Period. Check out this cool chalkboard pumpkin from the Rachel Ray Magazine.
  2. Mummify your pumpkin, like this one from Better Homes & Gardens.
  3. Use up some of your fabric stash with these mod podge pumpkins.
  4. Dress your pumpkin up for the masquerade, like this pumpkin from
  5. Mr & Mrs. Potato Head!
  6. Decorate a pumpkin for Thanksgivinglike the Melrose Family.
  7. Skip the candle, and make your pumpkin glow in the dark!
  8. Super cute vampire pumpkin, from
  9. Mini pumpkins become mini spiders!
  10. Ok – these might not be pumpkins, but they sure look like it! And taste good too!

Do you have a no-carve pumpkin idea? Share it!



*pumpkin photo:

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