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2newphoto Fall is here and it’s my favourite time of the year! I love the cool weather, the beautiful colours, and being able to wear comfy sweaters again (am I the only one who gained 5lbs over the summer!?)



Sweaters on, my son Hudson and I went for a walk today. He just loved pointing at all the different coloured leaves. My kid loves trees. They are his absolute favourite thing to look at and to touch. He doesn’t use many words yet, so every time he sees a tree he likes he points and says “hmm?”, as if to say “what’s that?”. Makes me smile every time. Anyway, so he’s pointing at all the leaves and it gave me an idea for a craft! I thought we’d collect all the different leaves we could find and glue them onto a paper wreath.

Mama Got This!


What a fun way to highlight the colours of the season! You can download the FREE printable I made HERE

Things You’ll Need:

A printer and ink

Leaves that you’ve collected



#1 Glue leaves on before they get too dry. 

#2 If your leaves are dry, try using liquid white glue instead of a glue stick. (Mom’s can also use a hot glue gun)



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